Frequently Asked Questions
Do you grow and produce Lavender and Lavender Products on your farm?
We were going to grow lavender on our farm with 2,000 plants that we purchased. To make a long story short, with the arrival of a grandbaby, our plants went bye-bye and we went into the production of lavender products in our home in Sequim, Washington.
What type of Lavender goes into your products?
We use Grosso Lavender and Grosso Lavender Essential oil in our products which we buy from our friends in the Sequim, Washington area.
Is Sequim the Lavender Capital of North America?
It’s official! Sequim is indeed the Lavender Capital of North America. The SEQUIM LAVENDER GROWERS ASSOCIATION was issued Federal Trademark Registration 3,476,655 for the Service mark “Lavender Capital of North America”. This was the culmination of many months of effort and expense on the part of the group. Innovation Law Group of Sequim was the firm which handled the task on behalf of the SEQUIM LAVENDER GROWERS ASSOCIATION.
California wines are as good and sometimes better than France wines. Is this true of Sequim Lavender also?
As with any wonderful product, each area can boast as to the quality of their product. Yes, I would say that Sequim Dungeness Valley Lavender is as good as France’s lavender. Our climates are similar, our lands are rich and fertile and the people are dedicated to the quality production of their lavender. Reason’s for growing lavender might differ between us and France. France produces lavender in greater quantities and has grading standards for their essential oils. They grow a lot of English Lavender which is used in perfumes and other products. We grow lavender, not in the quantity they do.
Can you give me more information about the SEQUIM LAVENDER GROWERS ASSOCIATION?
The founders of the Sequim Lavender Festival (SEQUIM LAVENDER GROWERS ASSOCIATION [SLGA]) began with a vision of rolling purple fields to replace fallow dairy pasture, restoring the agricultural base of the fertile Sequim Prairie. By 1995, the economy of the Sequim Prairies was in full transition from its historical agricultural base to housing and commercial development. A small group of people, disturbed by the loss of fruitful fields, decided to take a practical, productive approach to the issue. Intent on restoring Sequim Prairie, these citizens looked for something beyond livestock and commodity crops. They sought a solution which would enrich the environment. They hoped to make all who live in and visit the Sequim-Dungeness area appreciate the surrounding land, fostering a sense of conservation of the best that the region has to offer. Growing Lavender became the ideal solution. Cultivation of lavender in the Sequim Dungeness Valley has grown into a strong, environmentally sound agri-business. Over 110,000 lavender plants are grown each year in the area. With its myriad uses beyond sheer fragrance – cosmetic, culinary, medicinal, craft, decorative – the magical herb has fostered dozens of small, creative ventures across the Olympic Peninsula and beyond. The Sequim Lavender Festival has expanded the lavender industry in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and increased agri-tourism, cultural tourism and culinary tourism on the North Olympic Peninsula.
I noticed some Sequim farms say that they are certified organic, is yours organic or is it certified organic?
As mentioned earlier, we do not have a Lavender farm. Our friends in the SEQUIM LAVENDER GROWERS ASSOCIATION sell us all the lavender we need, cheaper than we can grow it. However, many farms that we buy lavender from are organic. The lavender bud comes from Lavender plants that have been planted by sustainable family farmers who are good stewards of their environment. The lavender plants are grown in an environment that is free from herbicides and pesticides. All aspects of cultivating, maintaining and harvesting are done by hand. The lavender bud contains no additives or preservatives and no radiation is used in processing the lavender bud. The state of Washington has a law about using the word certified and a process that one must go through to use the term certified.
What products are your best sellers?
Our Lavender Hand And Body Lotion is our premier product. Several years ago, it was featured in, an online magazine for women, in their “13 Top Favorite Thing to Buy”. They stated “This high-quality hand and body lotion is a treat for your skin. Not only will you love the lavender aroma from this premium product, but your skin will be moisturized and nourished.” They also mentioned our lip balm, mister and soaps as other frequently sold products.
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